Service Coordinator

Accu-Tech’s cofounder, Jamie Learn, has been working at Accu-Tech for 22 years as a former Mechanic and now as Service Coordinator. He has been working on cars for his whole career, a total of 35 years, and held a position as a service advisor at a Nissan dealership.

Jamie’s favorite thing about working at Accu-Tech is being able to interact with the customers. He has been able to build strong relationships with many regulars and loves to get to know all who come through the door. He loves knowing that the team has provided the customers with excellent service.

Jamie attended North Warren Technical school from 1977-1979. Jamie has his ASE Master Technician, Advanced Level Specialist, Light Duty Diesel, and Hybrid Certifications.

In Jamie’s free time, he loves to take care of his bee’s. He is owner of his own honey bee business, Good News Apiaries. He has been working with his bees for ten years, enjoying the care and labor of working with the hives. He also enjoys archery hunting and at participating and singing in his church choir at Church of the Covenant Jamie’s dream car is a 2012 Mustang GT Convertible. 

Stop in to see Jamie at the front desk, he will gladly assist you with anything you need!


Junior Technician

Kyle Learn is Tim’s 18 year old son. Kyle has been working at Accu-Tech for three years as a part time Junior Technician. However, he has worked alongside his father in the shop since his childhood, always willing to lend a helping hand. He does the basics: changing tires, air filters, lightbulbs, brakes, oil changes, and more! He loves being able to work with his father and help out with the basic repairs. Kyle enjoys working within the trade and learning more about cars, making him even more skillful! His favorite thing about working at Accu-Tech is being able to work with his father and learn from him.

Currently, Kyle is attending Northampton Community College and majoring in Media Production. He wants to pursue a career in making videos, as he is quite skilled in the area. Recently, he has done wedding videos, business promotion videos, and more! He is excited to see where he goes within this field.

Kyle’s dream car, to his father’s dismay, is a Nissan GTR, which he hopes to acquire after his college career. In his free time, he loves to play his guitar. Guitar has been apart of Kyle’s life since he was a child, and he enjoys making music with this instrument.

Stop by the Accu-Tech and ask for Kyle Learn if you want this young skilled technician to perform an outstanding job on your car!

Meet The Mechanics


Technician Foreman

Accu-Tech’s cofounder, Tim Learn, has been working at Accu-Tech for 22 years as Technician Foreman. Prior to the automotive repair business, he had been working in the construction business for 15 years, but felt a calling to move to the simpler business in the automotive trade where he had a background. 

Tim has been working on cars since he was 16 years old, repairing his own vehicles. At age 15, he did a quick tune up on his mother’s car, it didn’t run after that… No worries, his skills have improved quite a bit since then. He attended North Warren Technical school from 1977-1979. and received ASE Master Technician Certification and has an Advanced Level Special Certification.

Tim is married to his beautiful wife, Jennifer, who helps out around Accu-Tech by doing office work. In his free time, he enjoys fixing up his property and house, building things for his wife and family, and working on his well renowned garden. He also loves to hunt deer with his crossbow. Tim’s dream car is a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

Stop by Accu-Tech to see Tim and know that your vehicle is in good hands.

Get to know Accu-Tech's finest employees


Office Assistant

Jen Learn, Tim’s wife, has been working part time at Accu-Tech for over fifteen years. Jen works as an office assistant, doing all clerical and office work for the Shop towards the end of the week. Her favorite thing about working at the shop is that she gets to help out and work alongside her husband. With this job, she is still about the take care and raise her kids.

Jen is most often accompanied by her daughter Lila, whom she homeschools, when she goes into work. Her dream car is the newest Honda Accord *hint-hint, Tim*. Jen is the daughter of two Dutch Immigrants, making her 100% Dutch. She was born and raised about ten minutes away from    Accu-Tech on Tjalma farms. She is a local who loves the town of Belvidere, New Jersey. 

When you stop in the shop on a Thursday or Friday, don’t forget to peak behind Jamie’s desk to the back right and wave high to Jen. Her hard work does not go unnoticed!


Senior Technician​

Forde Fernandez is Accu-Tech’s Senior Technician. Forde has been working at Accu-Tech for about 20 years, in the back bay of the shop. He has a total career of working on cars for about 45 years. Forde went to school at Oxford and Warren County Technical School for welding, but found himself in the automotive repair trade. He gained experience at his father, Peppy Fernandez’s, gas station, where he worked from age 12 until 20.

Forde loves his career at Accu-Tech, it has a fun work environment and is very close to home. His bosses are loyal and good friends to him making him thankful for his occupation at Accu-Tech.

Forde has been married to his wife, Treann, for 40 years. Together, they enjoy going camping in their camper. He enjoys cooking up special dishes and eating, whether it be his own food or going out. He also loves car racing, which he use to participate in back in the day. Forde’s dream car is a ‘68 Camaro. 

Stop by Accu-Tech to say hi to Forde, he loves to serve his customers with excellence.


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